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Transitioning Your Mysa Thermostats: A Guide for New and Previous Homeowners

If your new residence is equipped with Mysa smart thermostats, or you're passing on the comfort of Mysa to new homeowners, ensuring a smooth transition for these devices is crucial. This article outlines the steps both previous and new owners need to

FAQ's Heater Issues

Some commonly asked questions about the heater after installing Mysa. After installing Mysa, you might notice your heaters making clicking or humming noises. This is typically due to the heating elements expanding and contracting, a normal occurrence

Scratched Faceplate

My faceplate looks scratched, what do I do?. If your thermostat's faceplate appears scratched, it may still be covered with a protective plastic film designed to shield the display during delivery. This easily removable film ensures the thermostat ar

Unresponsive or blank Mysa Thermostat

Unresponsive to touch. If the thermostat is unresponsive to touch and or commands, there are a few things you can check:. Make sure the protective plastic film has been removed from the thermostat, as this could interfere with the thermostat's abilit

Firmware update failed

If your firmware update isn't successful or an error message appears, please follow these steps:. Please contact Mysa Support  with the code you receive. The code should be eight characters in length.

How do I reset or reboot my Mysa?

To reset, simply press and hold both the up and down arrows simultaneously. This action will reset the thermostat to its default settings. For a reboot, you can hold the down arrow for a few seconds, once RT appears the reboot is complete. Additional

Random temperature changes

If your Mysa thermostat is making unexpected temperature changes, it can be confusing. This guide offers easy steps to fix these issues, whether you're using a schedule or not. Plus, noting the times of these changes can help if you need to reach out

Lost or missing screws

Finding Screws at a Local Store. While we do not offer individual screws for sale, they can be easily found at any local hardware store. Please use the following specifications to purchase the correct screws:. These details will help you find an exac