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Account troubleshooting

Encountering Issues with Account Setup?. 1. Verification Code Not Received. No Code Yet?. 2. Forgot Your Password?. Still having issues? Reach out to our dedicated all-human Customer Experience team.

Scheduling Troubleshooting

Encountering Scheduling Issues?. Are you finding that your schedule isn't being adhered to as expected? At Mysa, we empower our users with the flexibility to create personalized schedules, complemented by an array of advanced smart features for an op

Geofencing troubleshooting

If you're experiencing issues with Geofencing on your smartphone, these steps are designed to ensure a smooth and efficient operation for both iOS and Android devices using the Mysa app. Update Your Device:. Key Settings for Effective Geofencing:. Op

Device Permission Error

Encountered a device permission error with your Mysa thermostat? Here’s what you should check:. Shared Access:. 1. Are you using the Mysa app as a shared user? Shared access may limit your ability to modify settings. 2.  Similarly, if you’re accessin

I updated my password or router - How do I reconnect my thermostat?

Got a new router or updated your password?. Please make sure you new router has a dedicated 2.4Ghz network. Changing your router or its password interrupts the connection to your Mysa device. But don't worry, reconnecting is straightforward. Simply f

Shared Access troubleshooting

Having issue creating an account from an invite. Ask inviter to delete the invitation and to send a new one. Mysa is not showing in your app. You paired the Mysa and is not showing in the home of your app. If you are the shared user, the device will

Shortcut Troubleshooting

If you find that your Shortcut isn’t activating at all, follow these steps to troubleshoot:. Still having issues? Reach out to our dedicated all-human Customer Experience team.