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Wifi and pairing

How do I set the thermostat to pairing mode?

Not seing the pairing mode symbol?. You can start by resetting the thermostat:. 1. Hold down the up and down arrows for about 10-15 seconds. 2. One of these two symbols will appear on the thermostat and the Wifi signal from Mysa will npw be available

Connectivity issues

Why is my Mysa not connecting to my WiFi network?. There are a number of reasons why this could be happening. Luckily, most are easy fixes!. This is what your Mysa app screen may look like if you are having trouble pairing a new device. Our mobile de

Merged Network Troubleshooting

Mysa Requires a unique 2.4ghz network. A merged network incorporates both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands, automatically switching to the "best" option. However, as Mysa is incompatible with a 5 GHz network, complications may arise. While most routers allow

Reconnecting after a disconnect

Experiencing issues with your Mysa thermostat losing its Wi-Fi connection can be frustrating, but don't worry, you can still manage your heating manually and there are straightforward steps to get reconnected. The Mysa cannot be reconnected if you ar

WiFi routers that are problematic with Mysa

Some routers might be problematic with Mysa. Mysa requires an Internet connection to fully utilize all its features. However, it's worth noting that a few WiFi routers may not be compatible with Mysa. Indications of this issue may manifest as difficu

I updated my password or router - How do I reconnect my thermostat?

Got a new router or updated your password?. Please make sure you new router has a dedicated 2.4Ghz network. Changing your router or its password interrupts the connection to your Mysa device. But don't worry, reconnecting is straightforward. Simply f

Changing WIFI Settings

Need to check or update your WiFi settings? No problem! Follow these easy steps to ensure your router's security settings are up to date:. With these steps, you'll easily manage your WiFi settings, ensuring a secure and efficient network at home.

Failure to Connect

Encountering a "Failed to Connect" Error? Here's How to Fix It. Experiencing a hiccup while trying to connect your Mysa thermostat to WiFi, whether it’s your first attempt or following some recent network changes, can be frustrating. If you're greete

Firmware update failed

If your firmware update isn't successful or an error message appears, please follow these steps:. Please contact Mysa Support  with the code you receive. The code should be eight characters in length.