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Mysa Monthly Energy Report- For Mysa Baseboard and Mysa In-floor

This is the snapshot of your energy consumption last month using your Mysas. You’ll see how much energy you used, a percentage-based comparison to your previous month’s use, and the impact each of your Mysas had on your total energy consumption when

Energy Usage-For Mysa V2 and Mysa In-floor

Chart a course towards savings. Energy Charting is a powerful tool within the Mysa App that empowers you to track and manage the cost of heating your home with precision. By entering your specific electricity rate into the Mysa Energy Chart, the app

How to maximize your Mysas for summer energy savings.

Summer brings warmth and the opportunity to optimize your Mysa devices for energy efficiency, even as the heating season winds down. Here are five expert tips to leverage Mysa for Baseboard and In-Floor heating systems for savings all summer long. By