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Mysa Monthly Energy Report- For Mysa Baseboard and Mysa In-floorUpdated 5 months ago

My Mysa Home

This is the snapshot of your energy consumption last month using your Mysas. You’ll see how much energy you used, a percentage-based comparison to your previous month’s use, and the impact each of your Mysas had on your total energy consumption when it comes to your energy bill.

Pro Tip: To see your total energy cost for the month, be sure to fill out your energy cost per kilowatt-hour (listed on your energy bill) in your Mysa app.


My Mysa Thermo-Stats

It’s important to know your ‘home team’ stats! Here you’ll see exactly how much energy each of your Mysas or Zones used in the last month and the percentage that each unit contributes to your total energy consumption for the month.


My Mysa Daily

Curious about the relationship between your daily energy use with Mysas and the average daily outside temperature? My Mysa Daily makes it clear with an easy-to-read graph comparing these two key pieces of data, providing extra insight into your energy use patterns.

Pro Tip: To see how your daily energy usage relates to the outside temperature, make sure to complete your Home Profile.



My Mysa Year

Small changes add up! My Mysa Year shows your monthly energy consumption with Mysas over the last 13 months. Get an overview of your general energy consumption trends and a year-over-year comparison of your energy use per month.



My Home Profile

Your Home Profile is an important piece of information that our team uses to create your customized Mysa Home Energy Report each month. It takes less than three minutes to complete and helps ensure that you receive the specific insights about your energy use that you need to keep saving energy and lowering your energy bill.


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