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What are the estimated shipping times?

Listed below are the average shipping time for various locations across Canada and the US. Province:. Estimate in Business Days:. Alberta. 3-4 Days. British Columbia. 2-3 Days. Manitoba. 4-5 Days. New Brunswick. 5-6 Days. Newfoundland. 7-8 Days. Nova

Does Mysa offer expedited shipping?

No, at this time Mysa does not offer the ability to expedite shipping.

How do I track my shipment?

You can simply connect via the Mysa Chat and update your order information. Or follow the links below:

Can I ship to a APO or PO Box?

No, at this time Mysa can't be shipped to an APO or a P.O. box.

Do you ship outside of Canada or the US?

No, at this time Mysa only ships and sells products that are certified within Canada and the United States.