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Amazon Alexa issuesUpdated 3 months ago

Troubleshooting Alexa Integration Issues

Encountering difficulties with your Alexa-enabled device? Let's address some of the common challenges:

  • Device Unresponsiveness
  • Commands Not Recognized

What to Do If Your Device Is Unresponsive with Alexa

1. Network Connectivity:

  • Verify your network settings to ensure your device is connected to a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network. Alexa devices often perform best on this frequency due to its wider coverage.

2. Test with the Mysa App:

  • Try issuing commands through the Mysa app directly to confirm if the thermostat responds. This helps determine if the issue lies with Alexa or the thermostat itself.

3. Alexa Skill Verification:

  • Ensure the Mysa Skill is correctly added within your Alexa app. This skill is essential for seamless communication between Alexa and your thermostat.

4. Skill Management:

  • If issues persist, try removing and then re-adding the Mysa Skill in the Alexa app. Alternatively, you can unlink and relink the skill through the Mysa app for a fresh connection.

Still having issues? 

Perform the Network diagnostic test below and Reach out to our all-human Customer Experience team with the code provided!

Network Diagnostic Tool

Mysa has partnered with RouteThis Helps, a third-party network diagnostic tool, to help you troubleshoot pairing, WiFi, and general connectivity issues. This tool uses your phone to judge signal strength and the information that your router sends to your Mysa.

  • Download the App

  • Run scan

    • When the App prompts for a code, please type "MYSA."

    • Place your phone/tablet next to the Mysa you are having issues with. Please stay within close range during the scan. 

    • Press the 'I Moved It' button and confirm you've moved closer to the affected device.

    • The scan will take about 2-3 minutes.

  • Send Key

    • Once the scan is complete, it will produce a key. It will be 9 digit string of letters and numbers. Please copy that key and send it to our team. 

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