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Mysa for AC and Mini-Splits FAQsUpdated 2 months ago

Common Questions

  • Reason for Beeping
  • When Mysa for AC sends multiple commands (e.g., power, fan speed, temperature changes), your AC unit may beep to indicate these commands are being activated.

  • Decoding the Beeps
  •  The number of beeps corresponds to the number of commands. For example, two beeps could indicate turning on the AC and changing fan speed, while three beeps might signal powering on, temperature change, and adjusting fan speed.

  • Advantage
  • Mysa for AC queues and automates these commands, eliminating the need for manual inputs.

Control Modes in Mysa for AC

  • Supported Modes
  •  Mysa for AC supports modes like Heat, Cool, Fan Only/Fan Speed, Dry/Dehumidify, and Auto.
  • Future Updates
  • Plans to include Swing On/Off mode are underway.
  • Brand Compatibility
  • Mode availability varies with different AC brands and models.

Using Your Remote with Mysa for AC

  • Recommended Usage
  • After pairing with Mysa for AC, it's best to control your unit either manually or via the Mysa App to maintain synchronization.
  • Re-Syncing
  • If Mysa loses sync, you can re-establish connection through the Mysa App's settings.

Multiple AC Units Control

  • Feasibility
  •  Mysa for AC can control multiple units if they are of the same brand and model, provided they are within line of sight of the Mysa device.

Handling Power Outages

  • Recovery and Reconnection
  •  Mysa for AC automatically reconnects after a power outage. In case of extended outages, manual re-pairing might be necessary.

LED Light Indicators

  • Purpose
  •  Two LED lights on Mysa for AC indicate the current mode.

  • Color Coding: Each mode is represented by a different color:

    • Red: Off
    • Blue: Cool
    • Orange: Heat
    • Green: Auto
    • White: Fan
    • Yellow: Dry

Adjusting Mode and Fan Speed

  • Controls
  • Mysa for AC features a Mode button (marked with an 'M') and a Fan button (marked with a fan icon) on the device.
  • Display
  •  Changes in Mode or Fan settings will be shown on the Mysa device.

Mysa for AC Power Usage

  • Average Consumption

Approximately 1.44 kWh per month, based on the following specs:

  • Maximum Power: 6 Watts
  • Average Power: 1-2 Watts
  • Voltage: 5.2 Volts
  • Amperage: 1.2 Amps

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