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Google HomeUpdated 2 months ago

How to set up and use Mysa with Google Home?

Mysa's integration with Google Home allows homeowners to control their thermostats with voice commands. The following are the commands that Google home can understand. 

How to connect to Google Home

To start, create a Mysa account, install your Mysa, and connect it to your home WiFi network in the Mysa app. You can take a look at our Mysa Pairing article. You can then: 

  1. Open the Google Home app .

  2. At the top left, tap the “+“ icon.

  3. Tap “Set up a device”.

  4. Then select “works with Google”.

  5. Search Mysa Thermostat and proceed to sign on to your Mysa account.

  6. After linking the accounts, go back to the home page of the google home app and setup the devices.

  7. Once the devices are set up, you can now control your Mysa thermostats with Google.

Voice Commands you can use with your Mysa

  • Ok Google, set the [Room Name] thermostat to off

  • Ok Google, increase the temperature in the [Room Name]

  • Ok Google, set the temperature in the [Room Name] to [Desired Temperature]

  • Ok Google, what is the [Room Name] set to?

  • Ok Google, what is the temperature in the [Room Name]?

  • Ok Google, what is the humidity in the [Room Name]?

Having issues? Take a look at our Google Home troubleshooting article 

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