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Early OnUpdated 12 days ago

What is Early-on?

All Mysas are shipped with the early-on feature enabled. 

When activated, Early-On initiates heating 30 minutes before a scheduled temperature change. This pre-heating ensures that your room is at the perfect temperature at the exact time you've set. For instance, if you schedule the thermostat to increase the room temperature to 23°C at 8:00 AM, the Early-On feature will start the heating process at 7:30 AM, guaranteeing your comfort without any wait time.

 How do I turn off the Early-on feature?

To turn this feature off, follow the steps below: 

1. Go to the thermostat in question

2. Tap on schedule

3. Tap on the three dots top right

4. Toggle it Off 

Important Note: The Early-On feature needs to be disabled individually for each thermostat. Currently, there is no option to turn off Early-On for all thermostats simultaneously. This ensures personalized control and scheduling flexibility for each space in your home or office.

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