Beta - Auto Heat/Cool Mode 

New Feature update! 



Please note that this mode is currently not recommended for Multi-head units as it can cause issue with mode switching!


What was the auto mode?


The old ‘Auto Mode’, you were able to select a single set point and Mysa would work to maintain that set point within a +/-2deg tolerance, switching modes are needed to maintain this set point.


What is Auto Heat/Cool mode?


With the new 'Auto Heat / Cool' mode, you can now pick two setpoints, a ‘Heat To’ temperature and a ‘Cool To’ temperature which gives you better control over your comfort. 


What is the difference between Auto mode and Auto Heat/Cool mode?

  • Two set points vs one set point for the newer Auto heat/cool mode that allows you to set your temperature for “heat to” and “cool to” for better control.


What are the changes?

  • The values between the two set points must be a minimum of 2 degrees Celsius. (i.e 16-18 and not 16-17)

  • This feature currently will not be supported in shortcuts but can still be set in your schedules.

How to use the auto heat/cool mode?


To do this simply follow the steps below:

  1. Select the AC thermostat on the homepage.

  2. Tap on the section and Auto mode.

  3. Use the left and right sliders to set your temperature for “Heat to” and “Cool to”.

  4. Select your Fan speed (Low, Medium, High or Auto) and Swing (On or Off).

  5. Select Done to say your setting!


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