IMPORTANT: Changes to Off Mode

At Mysa we are constantly striving to bring new, exciting and requested features to our users - and with the latest updates scheduling has never been so powerful!

You now have the ability to schedule not only temperature changes, but also mode changes such as Off for your Mysa for Baseboard, or even change from In-Floor to Ambient temperature control on Mysa for In-Floor.

However, with this change comes one adjustment to the current OFF MODE.

As a user, if you wish to HOLD OFF mode permanently for the summer - you will simply need to:

  1. Navigate to the Thermostat
  2. Set the Thermostat to Off
  3. Select the Follow / Hold Icon in the bottom left
  4. Set this to HOLD

The thermostat will now ignore all scheduled events until, you either manually adjust the temperature via the app or thermostat itself. 

New Off Mode

Off Mode without Schedules


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