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What is a Command Code Set?

Mysa for AC and Mini-Split Heat Pumps uses infrared (IR) to gather sets of unique, four-to-ten digit codes that identify the functionality commands (Cool, Heat, Fan, Swing, etc) for thousands of different mini-split and AC brands, models, and remotes.

Mysa identifies, tests, and downloads the command code sets for your specific mini-split or AC unit so that it can send  commands to your unit (replacing your unit’s existing LCD remote).


What if Mysa can’t find the codes?

If you receive the error message: “Mysa tried all possible commands” during your Mysa for AC pairing process, there may be issues with pairing your AC’s existing remote via IR to one of our established code sets.


Due to the huge variety of mini-split and AC brands and models, some command code sets take additional time to identify.

Having issues with command codes during your pairing process? Reach out to our Support team for expert assistance. 

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