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In an effort to deliver you the user more comfort and an experience more like a standard thermostat we are introducing a new Beta Feature called  ‘Climate+’. The problem with mini splits is that they are not always the best at maintaining your desired temperature. Since the temperature is usually measured at the head unit located high up on an exterior wall, it often reads the wrong temperature and does not deliver as much comfort to where you are spending time in the room.

The ultimate goal of Climate+ is to maintain the room temperature to within 1°C of Mysa's setpoint temperature as measured by Mysa’s sensor, and while we are still working to reach our goal we think we are on the right track and would like more input from you, our users.

How It Works

With Climate+ your Mysa takes more control over the AC behaviour to try and deliver a more comfortable experience in the vicinity of the Mysa. When you choose your desired setpoint we send that setpoint command to your AC unit as we normally would. Once the temperature in the room is stable as measured by the Mysa, we compare this temperature to your desired setpoint temperature. If we find that the temperature is above or below your desired setpoint by more than 1°C then we send a new setpoint command to your AC unit in the background to try and compensate for the difference. For example, if the Mysa is recording a temperature 2°C above the desired setpoint, the new setpoint command will be 2° less than the previously sent setpoint.

This means from time to time you may hear your AC unit respond to a new command signal even if there was no scheduled change or manual intervention on your part. If your AC unit has a display, you may notice the temperature display will also change. This is the expected behaviour and is just the result of the background commands being sent in an effort to try and get the temperature reading of the Mysa closer to your desired setpoint.

Known Issues

  • While our test results so far are showing an increase in user comfort on average, we are still working to improve the overall accuracy of the feature to get you more comfort. At this time, we are seeing a deviation of over 1° from desired setpoints even once the temperature stabilizes after a background setpoint is sent.
  • Depending on the difference between the measured temperature and your desired setpoint the required adjustment may be outside the setpoint command range available and in these cases we will send the best adjustment available.

Let Us Know What You Think

We would love to know what you think of the feature so far. If you are having issues with the feature or find that your comfort / experience while using Climate+ is worse than without it, please submit a bug report by following the instructions below. You can also turn the feature off in the Mysa’s device settings if necessary.

  1. Take a screenshot or shake your phone with the Mysa app open. Pro Tip: With the functionality of this feature dealing heavily with temperature readings and setpoints you may want to take the screenshot of the AC usage charting as a reference.
  2. This should prompt a pop-up. Please tap the “Report a Bug” option.
  3. In the next menu select “Report a Bug” again.
  4. Tell us about your experience and expected behaviour. Please start bug reports related to this feature with “Climate+” and then a description of the issue or suggestion.

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