How to setup Geofence


To begin with using Geofencing, the Mysa App needs access to your location. To allow the Mysa App access to your location, open the location settings on your phone and select Always Allow.




To setup a Geofence with your Mysa App, please follow these steps:

  • Open the side menu and select Manage Mysa Homes.
  • Select the Home where your Mysas are located.
  • Select the Geofencing app feature and click Get Started.
  • Slide the pin to the most accurate location of your Home, then select Next.
  • If you created shortcuts you can apply them for when you enter or exit the boundary.
  • Finally press Save at the top of the screen!


Additionally, you can adjust the boundary (radius) for entering and exiting your location. Currently, 200M is the recommended boundary. Exceeding this may result in the geofence not working correctly.

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