Why is my schedule not being followed?

Mysa gives users the ability to create unique schedules, along with a number of additional smart features!

Because there are multiple items that can control your thermostat we recommend reviewing to ensure the following items are not interfering with your Mysa Schedule.

  1. Geofencing - This item will override the Mysa temperature settings first, including Off Mode and Mysa Schedules.
  2. Smart Home Commands and Scenes- Any smart Home commands or scenes set will also override the current Mysa settings.
  3. Shortcuts - If enabled a Shortcut will override Mysa temperature settings.
  4. Zone Schedule - The Zone Schedule will be selected next, and will receive higher priority than individual schedules.
  5. Thermostat Schedule- If the Schedule is set at an individual level this will be the last priority, and can be overridden by the items above.

Additionally, you can review if the thermostat is no longer following the Schedule by navigating to your thermostat and selecting the bottom left icon. This can ensure the unit is not set to Off or Hold and can be returned to following the Schedule.

For additional troubleshooting, you can disable the items listed above from highest to lowest priority and review any future Schedule changes!

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