How do I maximize my Mysa for summer energy savings?

The days are getting warmer, which means summer’s just around the corner. Yes, heating season is ending — but your home energy savings with Mysa shouldn’t!

Here are our top 5 tips on how to maximize Mysa for Baseboard and In-Floor for summer-long savings, based on customer-submitted questions.

Q: Can I turn off my Mysa without turning off my home’s main breaker?

A: You sure can! There are 2 ways: 

  1. In the Mysa app - go to Control - tap on Mode Control - select Off. Check out the video below!
  2. At your Mysa - on the faceplate, tap and hold the ‘down’ arrow on your until it shows a flat line.


Q: Can I turn off ALL of my Mysas at once?

A: Yes — we love a good shortcut! Set your Vacation shortcut to “Hold Off Until I Change It”, and apply to all your Mysas (video below).



Q: Should I delete my Geofencing for the summer?

A: Yes! Good catch : ) Since Geofencing can override Mysa’s Off mode, you should delete it! PRO TIP: No need to delete the shortcut actions related to Geofencing!



Q: Should I delete my Scheduling for the summer?

A: Nope! Once your Mysa is in Off mode, it can’t be triggered by your scheduled heating events.

Q: How do I turn my Mysas back on when needed?  

A: It’s easy! There are 3 ways: 

  1. At your Mysa - on the faceplate, tap the “Up” arrow.
  2. In the Mysa app - go to Control - tap on Mode Control - select Heat.

With your favourite smart home platform or home assistant (like Alexa, HomeKit, or Google Assistant).


Mysa Service Status Operational
Mysa Manual Control Operational
Mysa App  
iOS App Operational
Android App Operational


Where is my HomeKit QR code, Serial Number and Mysa ID?

Your Mysa-ID looks like 'Mysa-******.' This, along with your HomeKit QR Code and Serial Number, can be located in two ways. The first is at the back of the instructional booklet; the second is on the back of the Mysa faceplate. 

For more information on how to remove the faceplate, please see our helpful guide here


How do I submit a bug report or improvements?

There are two ways you can submit a Bug report; The first method is by shaking your phone with the App open. The second method is to take a screenshot of the screen where you experienced the issue. 

Both of these methods will produce the following screen, where you can select which section best fits with your report.


How do I change the set point temperature?

You can change the set point temperature on the Mysa App or by using the arrows on the display of the thermostat. The thermostat will display the ambient temperature of the room, by pressing the arrows on the device you can change the set point temperature. 

Please see App Icons for more details!

Can I control Mysas in different homes from the same phone?

Yes, you can control up to 50 different Mysas from the same phone. These Mysas can be spread across different houses. Just remember to use a clear naming system to be sure you know which one you're controlling.

Can I install the Mysa app on Windows or MAC?

At this time, the Mysa App can not be installed on a desktop computer, and there are currently no plans to have a Version released.

I am selling my house, what do I do with Mysa?

If you are selling your home, you can remove the Mysa units and re-install them in your new home. You can re-pair them once you install them in your new home. Remember to check compatibility before installing Mysa.  

If you wish to leave them at your home, perform a factory reset by holding the up and down arrows down for fifteen seconds. Remember to delete these Mysas from your App.

How do I know if Mysa is connected to the internet?

You won't be able to check the connection on the thermostat itself. You can check the connection in the Mysa App. The card of a disconnected thermostat will be grey, as opposed to white for a connected thermostat. Also, a disconnected thermostat will have a red exclamation point through the WiFi symbol in the upper right-hand corner of the thermostat card.


If your Mysa is not connecting to a wifi connection, please reach out to our support team and we can help correct this. 

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