Mysa for Baseboard thermostat troubleshooting codes

First Steps to Resolving Errors

Rebooting Mysa

A number of issues can be resolved by simply rebooting your Mysa. The steps listed here will solve most issues:

  • For Mysa for Baseboard Heaters V1/V2 and Mysa for In-Floor Heating, this can be done by:

    • Flipping the breaker controlling your Mysa OFF, waiting around 30 seconds, and flipping it back ON.

      Warning! High Voltage!!
      Any work with high voltage equipment can be dangerous or even fatal if you do not take proper precautions. You should never work with live wires. or


    • Removing the faceplate on your Mysa. Follow the steps below:

      • Unscrew the faceplate - there’s a small screw at the bottom of your Mysa.

      • Carefully slide off the faceplate.

      • Keep it unattached for 5-10 minutes.

      • Carefully reattach the faceplate. Be careful not to bend the pins that connect it to the base of your Mysa!

      • Your Mysa will take a few seconds to reboot.


It is important to clear the error this way to see if the error returns. Some errors are very rare and may only be seen once, in these cases it is not necessary to perform any additional actions.

Some Common Error Codes and what they are!

Codes Explanation
H2 (V1/V2)

The H2 error is a result of an open heating circuit, resulting in Mysa not detecting a heater load.

Click here for more troubleshooting.

H4 (V2) The H4 error is a result of the relay being stuck closed. this may happen due to an installation issue such as mis-wiring, or exceeding the maximum amperage and wattage limits of the Mysa device.

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