Will Mysa work with any brand of electric baseboard heater?

Yes, as long as the heater is a single-phase heater within the energy limits for the Mysa thermostat.


Energy requirements for Mysa for baseboards: 

Mysa is compatible with most high-voltage electrical heating systems, such as baseboard heaters, fan-forced heaters, and radiant ceiling heating.

Power: 1900 W (Max at 120V) / 3800 W (Max at 240V)

Voltage: 120 V - 240 V 

*Compatible with 208 V Single Phase Systems, not 3 Phase Systems

Current: 16 A (Max) on a 20 A breaker panel

Mysa is tested to UL and CSA standards through Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratories (NRTL). The NRTL certification is displayed on the back of the Mysa unit.”

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