Is Mysa compatible with hydronic or oil baseboard heaters?

Hydronic Baseboard Heaters

At this time Mysa is only compatible with self-contained hydronic baseboard heaters, this is a very common baseboard heater choice and is available from a number of large brands across North America.

In order to determine if your heater is a self-contained baseboard heater you simply need to ensure that this baseboard does not receive water from an external source via a pipe or hose. Self-contained baseboard heaters contain and circulate the water internally so this does not need to move to another source to be heated.

A few popular brands that do carry self-contained hydronic baseboards are:

  • Cadet Softheat
  • Fahrenheat
  • Slant/Fin

Oil Baseboard Heaters

Mysa is currently not compatible with oil-based heating systems, due to the need to track additional criteria Mysa is currently not able to control and monitor the heat of these systems. 

You can also verify if your current thermostat is low voltage, and can potentially be replaced by another smart thermostat compatible with low voltage heating systems.

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