How do I power on Mysa or connect the stand?

Power and Stand Installation


Step by Step Guide

Connecting Power to Mysa for AC

  1. Remove the Mysa power cord and block from the box.
  2. Plug the USB into the power block.
  3. Plug the block into the nearest outlet.
  4. Once the block has been plugged in you can proceed to connect the USB-Micro to your Mysa for AC device.
    1. For the fastest connection ensure the connection icon is facing you as shown in the video above.

Connecting the Mysa for AC tabletop stand

  1. Remove the stand from the box.
  2. Place the stand down on a solid surface with the two prongs facing away from you.
  3. Align the two clips on the back of the Mysa with each prong.
  4. Slowly push the Mysa for AC device down onto the prongs - firmly pressing until the two lines are hidden.
  5. The device should now have a solid base and not shake or rattle in any way.
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