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Does Mysa use proportional or on/off control?

Mysa uses proportional control in Fan-forced and baseboard modes and uses on/off control when in radiant mode.


What is the difference between Baseboard, Fan-forced, and Radiant modes?

The different heating modes are best suited to specific heater types.

If you are using a Fan-forced heater, it is recommended that you use Fan-forced mode. You can choose the cycle time for your heater from the three different cycle lengths. If you want your fan to spin less, you should select the Fan-forced long option.

Baseboard mode is for baseboard heaters and is the recommended setting for the most comfort. The radiant mode does not use proportional control and is the recommended setting for radiant heating systems.

To access these different modes, navigate to the thermostats settings and select the desired "Heater Type".


I have both a baseboard and fan-forced heater connected to Mysa for baseboard. What heater type is the best setting?

When connecting both a baseboard and fan-forced heater to Mysa for Baseboard we recommend selecting the fan-forced or radiant mode.

This will ensure that the fan-forced heater is correctly run, and will simply extend the cycle time for the baseboard unit. Selecting fan-forced will allow you to adjust and select the cycle time, whereas, utilizing radiant mode will simply act as an On / Off for both heaters.

The radiant mode will lead to the heater cycling on until the setpoint is achieved then turning off. To access the heater type modes, see the following article. What are the differences between baseboard, Fan-forced, and radiant modes?

How many thermostats can I control on the Mysa app?

On the Mysa app you can control a maximum of fifty thermostats per home with a maximum of ten homes. 

What temperature is displayed on the Mysa thermostat?

The thermostat shows the ambient temperature of the room. If you would like to see the set point temperature, tap on any of the arrows on the thermostat display. 

The minimum ambient temperature is -9 degrees celsius.

The maximum ambient temperature is 30 degrees celsius.

How do I reboot or reset Mysa?

Some common reasons for restarting Mysa include; Mysa has disconnected from the WIFI and is having a hard time reconnecting, the temperature is showing higher than it actually is, settings are not being saved, etc.

To reboot your Mysa, hold down the 'Down' arrow for 15-20 seconds. It will lower the temperature, and then enter off mode, represented by the dashed line. Keep holding the arrow down until 'RT' appears on the display. Let go of the arrow, and the thermostat should reboot and display the smiley face. 

If that doesn't work, you should try to power cycle the thermostat by turning the breaker- connected to the thermostat- off then back on again.

Is it normal for Mysa to feel hot or warm to the touch?

Yes! Consider the fact that the full current to the heater passes through your thermostat and the thermostat itself runs on the supply voltage (either 120V or 240V). It is not unusual for Mysa to feel warm to the touch. The regular temperature of a thermostat housing normally varies between 35 °C and 50 °C (95 °F and 122 °F). Therefore, when Mysa is running and trying to power your heater, the heat coming off of Mysa is normal. It only aids to attain the temperature in the room you are heating (not significantly by any means, but a little does still help.)

If you're still having trouble with your thermostat. Please, reach out to our team if you have any further questions!

How do I calibrate Mysa?

At this time there is currently no way to calibrate the temperature sensor. However, we are constantly reviewing features to add to our products. If we decide to add this feature it will be added to our product roadmap.

How do I turn off Mysa for baseboards?

What is Off Mode?

In Off Mode, Mysa will not send power to your heater. The thermostat will still be on but will not turn your heaters on. This setting can be enabled manually on the thermostat itself or the Mysa App. Before you turn off your heaters, you need to ensure that if you have any shortcuts set, that they are set to 'hold until I decide to change' option. Lastly, make sure that you have disabled your geofence, to ensure Mysa does not turn on when the geofence is activated.

Please also ensure that Mysa is either removed from smart Home automation or that these automations are disabled. This will apply to Amazon Alexa, Google Home, HomeKit, IFTTT, and Samsung SmartThings.

How to turn Mysa off:

On the thermostat: Hold down the down arrow until you see three dots on the display. Let go of the down arrow. The thermostat is now in Off Mode. 

In the Mysa App: Tap the tile of the thermostat you'd like to turn off. Press the flame icon mid-screen on the right and a pop-up menu should appear. Tap Off Mode, represented by a power symbol.



When turning Mysa off for extended periods, please ensure:

  1. If you have any geofence set up, make sure you delete this for the time being. 
  2. Ensure that Mysa is either removed from smart Home automation or that these automations are disabled. This will apply to Amazon Alexa, Google Home, HomeKit, IFTTT, and Samsung SmartThings.
How does Mysa determine the temperature?

Mysa has been tested in a variety of different conditions. Mysa utilizes machine learning to create algorithms that help to determine an exact temperature based on the current passing through the unit, the room temperature, and humidity in order to display the most accurate temperature possible to you. This allows Mysa to:

  • Measure the room temperature within +/- 0.4 F/0.1 ℃.
  • Maintain the room temperature within +/- 1F/0.5 ℃ of the setpoint temperature.

Note: When using an external room temperature sensor to measure the room temperature, don't lay it on top of Mysa. This is because Mysa vents out air through the top of the unit, and this can severely impact the ability of the temperature sensor to measure the temperature correctly.

How do I use the touch buttons on the Mysa thermostat?

The arrows on the Mysa display are touch buttons that can be used to manually change the temperature of the thermostat. To use the buttons, place your finger on one of the arrows; after about one second the temperature on the display should begin to go up or down, depending on which button you have your finger on. Mysa for baseboards V2 has adopted a feedback sound so that the users know when the touch buttons have been triggered. 

How do I factory reset Mysa?

To reset your thermostat, follow the steps below:

1. Press and hold both arrows for 10-15 seconds.

2. Allow roughly 30 seconds for the unit to reboot and initialize.

3. A smiley face should appear.

4. Hold the up and down arrows again until FR appears.

5. The pairing triangle will appear.

Your thermostat has now been reset to factory defaults.

Does Mysa come in any other colours?

No, currently, Mysa is only available in white. White is aesthetically pleasing and will match any decor or colour scheme in your home.

Can Mysa detect open windows or a change in weather?

At this time Mysa does not have the ability to detect a change in weather or an open window. If we decide to add this feature it will be added to our product roadmap.

What do the flame icons mean?

Mysa uses state of the art control algorithms to adjust how much heat your heaters put out to stabilize the room temperature. Mysa looks at how quickly the room temperature is changing and adjusts the duty cycle of the heater in 10% increments.

The duty cycle is essentially the fraction of time the heaters are on for a given cycle length or period. The cycle length is different for baseboard heaters and fan-forced heaters. For baseboard heaters, the cycle length is 15 seconds. 50% duty cycle would mean the baseboard heater is “on” for 7.5 seconds and then “off” for 7.5 seconds. Mysa will continually adjust the fraction of on time, and the duty cycle, to either heat the room up as quickly as possible or stabilize the room temperature as much as possible +/- 0.25 C. Fan-forced heaters have three different cycle lengths: Slow (3 minutes), medium (4 minutes), and long (6 minutes). In slow mode, the cycle length is 180 seconds; a 50% cycle would mean the fan-forced heater will be “on” for 90 seconds and “off” for 90 seconds. Note that Mysa thermostats come with the baseboard heater cycle length as default. If you are using Mysa for fan forced, you must go to the settings page of the thermostat and change the heater type to fan-forced. You will know that your thermostat received this updated setting when you see a checkmark shown on the thermostat.

For a detailed explanation please see the following article below:

Is it possible to see the status of my heater?

How do I determine the size of heater I need?

There are several factors to take into consideration when shopping for a baseboard heater. The specifications of importance are the voltage, wattage, amperage, and the length of the heater. To achieve the desired heat for the size of the room in question, you want to focus on the wattage and the length of the heater. The longer the heater, the higher the wattage and vice versa.

If you are trying to determine the heating that your room would require before you install a baseboard heater, you can calculate that as shown below:

  • You can calculate the square footage and multiply by 10 watts. This method assumes that the ceiling is 8 feet high. If it is higher than 8 feet, you multiply the square footage by 1.25. For example, a 15’ by 10’ size room with 8’ high ceilings would be 15 x 10 x 10 = 1500 W. If the ceilings are more than 8 feet high, then the required efficient wattage would be 15 x 10 x 1.25 x 10 = 1875W. However, this is assuming that it is a modern building with adequate insulation.

If you have a heater already and you want to determine the wattage of the heater, you can do that in the following ways:

  • If you can locate the manufacturer’s service plate on your heater, this usually shows the wattage of the heater.
  • If you can only find the amperage and the voltage, then you can determine the wattage by merely multiplying these values. For example, if the heater is drawing 9 amps at 120V, multiply 9 by 120 to get 1080 watts.
  • You can measure the length of your baseboard heater; each linear foot of the heater produces, on average, about 250 watts. If your heater is 5 feet long, then it yields about 1250 watts. Generally, for 120V and 240V heaters, 3 feet will produce 750 watts, 4 feet will produce 1000 watts, 6 feet will produce 1500 watts, and 8 feet will produce 2000 watts.

Manufacturers have determined effective heating based on the square footage of your room as shown in the table below.


Size of the Room (Square feet) Recommended Heater Wattage Amperage required (240V)
100 900 15
150 1350 15
200 1800 15
300 2700 15
400 3600 15
Can the Mysa faceplate be removed or replaced?

To remove the faceplate, simply unscrew the faceplate screw on the bottom of your unit.

Once this is complete, carefully press and slide off the faceplate.

To reattach, simply carefully push and slide back on, ensuring to insert the screw once again.

Does Mysa make clicking sounds like traditional thermostats?

No, unlike traditional thermostats, Mysa does not make any clicking sounds.


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