How do I reset WiFi for Mysa for AC


Resetting Mysa for AC WiFi credentials will require connecting to the network - but will keep your remote code and commands.

Reset Mysa for AC WiFi Connection

Resetting the WiFi for Mysa AC can be a very helpful troubleshooting step.

In order to reset the WiFi for your Mysa device simply hold both arrows on the front of the Mysa display.

A countdown will appear and show the progress of the reset.

When a smiley face appears both buttons can be released and the device will reboot.

Once reset you can re-pair your Mysa for AC to the internet by following below:

To re-pair Mysa for AC:

  1. Navigate to the disconnected Mysa Device
  2. Select Possible Issues from the disconnect banner - or select Add Thermostat from the Mysa menu.
  3. You can now follow the on-screen instructions to ensure Mysa is re-connected to the internet.
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