Welcome to Mysa for AC’s Product Roadmap

Thanks for joining us on our coolest journey yet — Mysa for Air Conditioners!

We believe Mysa for AC will change the way you cool or heat your home. That’s why our team is committed to delivering further value-added features and updates to our AC product in the (very) near future*. 

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*Team Mysa says: “Agility matters! Features may change based on valued user input and market insights.”

Features You’ll Love Now
  •  Launch key features
    • Smart home control 
      • Google Home
      • Amazon Alexa
      • Apple HomeKit
    • Command Sync
    • Usage History
      • View AC Mode Runtime for Cool and Heat
    • Scheduling
    • Shortcuts
      • Home, Away, Vacation
    • Modes: Fan only, Dry, Cool, Heat, and Auto
      • Auto Mode: Mysa controlled Heat and Cool switching
    • Fan control - Auto, Low, Medium, High

Features You’ll Love Next

  • Swing Control - On or Off
  • Thermostatic Control
    • Temperature control based on Mysa's location
  • Improved Usage History 
    • Fan and Dry Runtime
    • Estimated Runtime
  • Zone Support
    • Alerts for conflicting events
  • Schedule Templates
    • Add multiple seasonal schedules and easily apply to your Mysas

Features You’ll Love Later

  • Ambient Light and Proximity
    • Automated display brightness control based on room lighting and distance from Mysa
  • New Smart Features
    • Complete Zone integration with Mysa for Baseboard and In-Floor
    • Automation Rules
    • Smart Triggers 
    • Open Window Alert
    • Additional Modes
      • Ex. Self Clean, Quiet modes
    • Further functionality based on outdoor temperature 

We’re putting product excellence on the map! Thanks for joining us on our journey.

Have questions? We’re here to help! Feel free to contact our awesome team of Support humans now.

Have an awesome, can’t-live-without-it feature suggestion? Shake it ‘til you make it! 

Simply open the Mysa app on your smartphone, shake it (or take a screenshot), and select Suggestion to send your idea off to the Mysa team : )

Stay cool and keep saving!

The Mysa team


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