Why is my AC unit beeping?

If your AC unit is beeping when turned on, no worries! This is because Mysa for AC is sending separate commands for each state that you may be selecting, therefore queuing multiple commands you would have to do manually. The beeping noise means the queued commands are being activated.

For example; hearing two beeps will mean the AC unit is being powered on and an update to the fan speed. Three beeps might be the AC unit being powered on, a change in temperature and the decrease of fan speed. Instead of manually inputting commands on your remote, Mysa for AC will queue these commands and activate them in sequence.

What modes does Mysa for AC control?

Mysa for AC currently controls the following modes. Different modes will show based on what is supported by your brand of heat pump or AC unit. 


Why are modes available on my remote not shown in Mysa AC?
The Mysa team has tried hard to add the most common modes for AC units of all different types.
However, there is a large number of brands, all with slight difference to supported modes. Due to this Mysa may not support all modes currently on your remote - but we are working to add these in as we improve and gather feedback!
At this time Mysa supports Heat, Cool, Fan Only / Fan Speed, Dry / Dehumidify, and Auto. We are currently working to bring Swing On / Off to your Mysa for AC device in the near future.
Can I use my remote after pairing with Mysa for AC?

Once you have paired Mysa for AC it is recommended that all controls are completed either manually from the device or via the Mysa App (or your favourite smart home app).
Using your remote can lead to Mysa losing synchronization with your AC unit - which can cause commands to not send.

If a command is not sending from your Mysa - you can re-sync this my following below:

  1. Navigate to your Mysa for AC from the Mysa App
  2. Select Settings from the top right (gear icon)
  3. Scroll down until you see the Sync Option
  4. Select the item you wish to Sync
Can I control multiple AC units in the same room?

Yes, if both units are the same brand and model Mysa for AC can support this.

Both units would however need to be in line of site for the Mysa for AC for this to work.

What happens after a power outage?

Mysa for AC is designed to fully recover and reconnect after a power outage. 

Once your router powers back on Mysa will automatically reconnect to the network itself.

If there is an extended power outage there is a chance Mysa will not be able to reconnect to the network in a timely manner. If this does occur Mysa can be manually re-paired to the network by following the article below:

How do I reconnect my Mysa device?

What do the LED lights mean?

Mysa for AC includes two LED lights on either side of the device to indicate the mode currently set.

The following colours have been selected to match the mode:

LED Colour Mode
Red Off
Blue Cool
Orange Heat
Green Auto
White Fan
Yellow Dry
How do I see or adjust the mode or fan speed?

Mysa for AC has both a Mode and Fan button on the right of the device.

Mode is represented on the top button with an M. Fan is represented on the bottom button with a fan icon.

By selecting either option the corresponding Mode or Fan change will display on the front of your Mysa device. 

Mysa will display the changes as shown in the chart below:


How much power does Mysa for AC use?

On average, Mysa for AC will use approximately  1.44 kWh a month.

This information is based on the electrical specification below:

  • Maximum Power = 6 Watts
  • Average Power = 1-2 Watts
  • Voltage = 5.2 Volts
  • Amperage = 1.2 Amps
Why does my remote need an LCD screen to be compatible?

An LCD screen on your remote means it provides two-way communication from your remote to your unit and vice versa.

Two-way communication means that when you change the temperature on your remote, it will send that information to the unit, and you will see the shift in temperature on the remote.

No LCD screen means one-way communication, the remote transmits the unit information on what to do, but the remote doesn't receive anything back.

Information from the unit must be sent to Mysa for AC; this is why remotes with an LCD screen are compatible with Mysa.

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