Is any remote compatible with Mysa for AC?

Mysa for AC is compatible with an large number of remote controls - but not all.

To ensure your remote meets the requirements there are two simple checks you can complete.


1. Verify correct frequency (Infrared vs Radio Frequency)

Mysa for AC is only compatible with Infrared (IR) remotes as this allows for a variety of commands to be sent directly from Mysa for AC to your AC device. In some cases Portable AC, Window AC, and Ductless Mini-Splits may use a Radio Frequency (RF) remote opposed an IR remote. To verify that you have an IR remote you can follow the steps below:

  1. Grab your remote for your AC unit.
  2. Find a camera, webcam, or camcorder
  3. Turn on your camera or a camera on your cellphone
  4. Point the end of the remote with the IR transmitter at the camera
  5. Press the On / Off button on the remote
  6. Look at the viewfinder of your camera
    1. If you see a light flash the remote is a compatible IR remote
    2. If no light is seen this may be an RF remote


Some mobile phones are can't be used due to newer models built in cameras having an IR filter built in. We recommend using another device, such as a laptop webcam or older stand alone camera.

Additionally, please ensure you have new batteries in the remote to ensure the best remote performance.

2. Ensure your remote shows more than temperature
Mysa for AC is only compatible with AC unit remote controls that display more than the temperature.
As shown on the remote below, your remote should show at some additional functions such as Fan Speed, or Mode.




If your remote meets both requirements Mysa for AC will work for you!

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