How is Mysa for AC different than an AC remote?

With Mysa for AC you will have all regular remote controls as well as all of Mysa's awesome App features! 

Mysa for AC's features include:

  • Remote Control
      • You will have the ability to control your device from anywhere
  • Vacation Mode
      • You can easily switch to vacation mode to save energy while you are away
  • Shared Access
      • You can share access with your Family and Friends
  • Easy Scheduling
      • You can easily set schedules so your home is always comfortable, but never wasting energy
  • Energy Usage
      • You can monitor your energy usage with our energy charts and monthly reports
  • Shortcuts
      • You can customize settings for Home, Away and Vacation modes
  • Geolocation
      • You can leave home with ease, Mysa will control the set point based on your location

And much more to come in the future!

View our roadmap here.

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