How do I schedule my Mysa?

Creating a unique schedule for your Mysa can save you 26% on energy bills!


Navigating to Schedules

  1.  Open the App, and select your desired device or zone you want to schedule.
  2.  Next, select 'add schedule' on the bottom of the screen.
  3.  From here you can set up a schedule through different options.


Creating a Schedule:

There are two options when creating a schedule; you can use the schedule wizard that will walk you through the steps or creating it manually. See both options below.


Schedule Wizard



Manual Schedule



Managing your schedule

When you are in the device's schedule, the three dots on the top right of the screen will help you manage your schedule. Here, you can edit the day's events, time and temperature, toggle the early on feature and delete the existing schedule.  


Bulk edit

Gone are the days of editing multiple events individually. You can now select a day’s events and edit them at the same time. You can also bulk delete them with just two easy taps!


Quick edit

When you want to make quick adjustments to your Mysa's schedule, you can press each time and temperature for quicker access




Copying your schedule

Copying days 

To copy an existing day's events go into the device's schedule, on the bottom of the screen select 'copy day' and select the day you want it copied to.


Copying to other devices

To copy a schedule from one device to another, you must have an existing schedule on the same type of device (i.e. Baseboard to Baseboard, In-Floor to In-Floor). Then select the device without a schedule, press 'Add schedule' and 'Copy from other Mysa.'





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