How does Mysa for In-Floor support different floor types?

Mysa for In-Floor gives users the ability to select the floor type that is installed above the in-floor heating mat.

By providing this functionality Mysa for In-Floor is able to automatically ensure the safety of the floor by following recognized maximum floor temperatures!

Mysa currently supports the following Floor Types:

Floor Type Max Temperature
Tiles and Stone 84°F / 29°C
Hardwood and Laminate 81°F / 27°C
Vinyl 81°F / 27°C
Carpet 81°F / 27°C

The floor type can be set after pairing your Mysa for In-Floor via the Mysa App.

Additionally, the floor type can be adjusted by selecting the thermostat from the Mysa App Homescreen, navigating to the settings (gear icon), and selecting the correct floor type.


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