Why is my accessory not compatible with Mysa?

During the setup process, the app may tell you, “This accessory isn’t compatible with your Wi-Fi router.” This notification typically occurs when your iOS device is not connected to the compatible network band and does not necessarily mean that the router itself is incompatible.

Follow these steps to ensure that your iOS device is connected to a 2.4GHz network band for setup, as a 5GHz network band is not compatible with iDevices products.

  1. Open your iOS settings app and tap WiFi.
  2. If you have a 2.4GHz network option, please select that. Otherwise, you'll need to change your router settings. See the guide here.
  3. Once selected, Apple’s HomeKit platform will hand off the information to the product for you.
  4. Once the setup and any firmware updates are completed, you may reconnect your iOS device back to the 5GHz network!

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