What are the optimal settings for geofencing on android devices?

For Geofencing to work correctly on your Android device, please check that you have enabled the following settings:

  1. Turn off Battery Optimization for the Mysa App: Modern Android smartphones have settings enabled that automatically close apps to reduce power usage. You can disable these settings to make sure the Geofencing in the Mysa app is working.
  2. Allow Access to Location-based Services: When asked by Android, allow the Mysa app to access your location at all times. If you haven’t done so already, you can change this in the Android settings at any time. We recommend enabling high accuracy in your location settings for Geofencing to work effectively.
  3. Leave the App Open in the Background: To ensure the best performance of the Geofencing, we recommend that you keep the app open in the background. If the app is completely closed (i.e., not running in the background) for any reason, it will not work.
  4. Enable Mobile Data and Background Operation: Mobile data has to be available and activated for the Mysa app to transmit location data. Mysa needs to send these in the background to make sure your home starts heating in time before you arrive.
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