What happens to my schedules and settings if I lose power and/or internet?

If you only lost power, then Mysa will automatically reconnect to the internet and reset its internal clock when power is restored. In this case, all of your settings will resume when the power returns.

If you only lost internet, then Mysa will continue with your last schedule event and settings as normal. The only difference is that you can't control the thermostat from your phone. Due to the lack of connection, you will have to use the buttons on the thermostat's display until the internet comes back. Because Mysa gets your local time data directly from your ISP, no schedules or automatic setpoint changes will be triggered. This means your Mysa will remain at the last temperature setting before the outage and you will have to manually change it.

If you lost both internet and power, then Mysa will continue trying to re-establish a connection. Until a connection is found Mysa will maintain the set point temperature when the device lost its connection. 




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