What does this error code on my Mysa for In-Floor mean?

What does H2 error mean?

If you are receiving an H2 Error, this is caused by Mysa not registering a heater load connected.

Please review the connection between the Mysa Load and the heater load, as this connection may have come loose. Additionally, we recommend ensuring that the correct wire has been run to Mysa.


What does I3 error mean?

If you are receiving an I3 Error, this would indicate that the sensor wire is not connected to your Mysa for In-Floor thermostat. Please check this connection and ensure this is secure.


What does H3 error mean?

If you are receiving an H3 error, this indicates the GFCI has tripped.

Please try resetting this with the GFCI reset button on the right hand side of your Mysa for In-Floor.


Different error code:

If Mysa for in-floor is displaying any code other than the above please contact our support team and we will be sure to get this corrected.


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