My Mysa was connected why can't I pair or connect it again?

This usually occurs because there is an interference between the device and the thermostat. The following are some steps to fix this issue:

  1. Delete the problematic thermostat from the Mysa app.
  2. Delete the problematic thermostat from the Apple HomeKit app (only for HomeKit users)
  3. Reboot the device used to connect with Mysa.
  4. Put the thermostat into pairing mode by performing a factory reset. Hold down the up and down arrows for 10-15 seconds. The thermostat should reboot and a smiley face should appear.
  5. Turn the breaker connected to the thermostat off then back on again.
  6. Attempt to pair the thermostat again.

If this process fails, repeat steps 3-5 again.

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