Does the thermostat automatically update its firmware?

Yes, since the thermostat already has a connection to the WiFi all software and firmware updates will download automatically.

If Mysa does not update to the latest firmware after being installed for 6+ hours, please review potential firewall settings that may be blocking the update from reaching your Mysa. This can be confirmed by reviewing below and ensuring the following ports are open:

  • 8883 this is the primary way Mysa sends data to and from the cloud.
  • 443 is also used to access cloud information.
  • HomeKit requires port 57959 to be open.
  • 123 is used for accessing the timezone for the thermostat.
  • 67 or 68 are also required for DHCP.

If you can ensure these are open and the following sites are whitelisted this will ensure communication to our servers and your Mysa device are open!

If at this time Mysa still does not update please reach out to our support team and we will be sure to have this corrected! 

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