Mysa is compatible with most high-voltage electrical heating systems, such as baseboard heaters, fan-forced heaters, and radiant ceiling heating.

Power: 1900 W (Max at 120V) / 3800 W (Max at 240V)

Voltage: 120 V - 240 V 

*Compatible with 208 V Single Phase Systems, not 3 Phase Systems

Current: 16 A (Max) on a 20 A breaker panel

Mysa is tested to UL and CSA standards through Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratories (NRTL). The NRTL certification is displayed on the back of the Mysa unit.”

App and Connectivity

iPhone: Running on devices IOS 10.2 or above

Android: Running on devices 4.4 'Kit-Kat' or above.

*Internet connection required for remote access and 'Smart' features

Network and Wifi

Mysa requires a minimum of one unique 2.4GHz network to operate.


Mysa is currently not compatible with any 5GHz network, and can also have difficulty connecting to merged networks. Merged networks determine the band that Mysa will connect to, and this can lead to frequent disconnects.


Dimensions: Height 5.7in, Width 3.8in, Depth 1.1in

Sensing capability: Temperature +/- 0.4 F/ 0.1 C, Humidity +/- 2%, range 5-30 C

Unit Power Usage: The Mysa unit draws ~1W of power *The amount of power each unit draws to power itself

Data Usage: - A Mysa Thermostat will connect with Mysa servers every 30 minutes.
                      - Each thermostat will use 15 MB down and 15 MB up over a 30 day period.

Packaging: Mysa Thermostat, Electrical box mounting screws, wire connectors, and the installation guide.

Languages: English and French

Warranty: 2-year Warranty 

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