Which type of heater should I select in the Mysa app?

Baseboard, Fan-forced and Radiant

Baseboard- This type is recommended for Mysa's controlling electric baseboard heaters.

Fan forced- This type is recommended for Mysa's controlling electric fan-forced heaters or toe kick heaters.

Radiant- This type should be selected if your Mysa is controlling an electric radiant system, such as radiant ceiling heaters. In this mode, Mysa will only turn on when the room temperature falls to 0.5 Degrees Celsius (1° Degree Fahrenheit), less than the set temperature.

Please note that 'Radiant' control will only appear on Mysa's running Firmware 1.4.2 or newer. If your thermostat is not on the latest Firmware it should update about three hours after installation. 

Fan-forced Cycle Timing

The below table explains the difference in the fan-forced cycle types.


Period Length

Minimum On-Time

Maximum off Time

Maximum Cycles per Hour


3 Minutes

45 Seconds

45 Seconds

20 on + 20 off


4 Minutes

60 Seconds

60 Seconds

15 on + 15 off


6 Minutes

90 Seconds

90 Seconds

10 on + 10 off


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