How do I change from Celsius to Fahrenheit?

Changing From Celsius to Fahrenheit


Out of the box, Mysa will display the temperature in Celsius. However, this can be changed. If you click on Accounts in the Mysa App, you can change the temperature format or select the device and click the top right-set icon.



If you are unable to connect Mysa to the Internet after installing Mysa, the temperature setting can still be adjusted manually by following below:

  1. Hold the down arrow on the Mysa faceplate until the unit powers off.
  2. When the Mysa display lights up, hold the down arrow, which will display a menu on the thermostat.
  3. Click the up (or down) arrow until you see “CF” on the thermostat. 
  4. When you see “CF” press and hold the up and down arrows.
  5. You will see the thermostat change to Fahrenheit (an F will come up on the thermostat)
  6. Once set up, press the up (or down) arrow until you see “EX.” This is to save and exit the settings menu. 
  7. Hold the up and down arrows to exit.
  8. The thermostat should now be in Fahrenheit and will remain that way unless changed back either through the same process or through the App.

See the attached video of the process below:


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