How do I create and manage shortcuts?

Create and Manage Shortcuts

Are you headed out for a specific period? Maybe a work trip or just that much-needed vacation? Why not have your thermostat help you save, and come home to a lovely comfy house! With timed shortcuts, you can!

Mysa has three Shortcuts:

  • Home

  • Away

  • Vacation

To set this up, you simply need to follow the instructions below:

1.  Navigate to Manage Mysa Homes on the sidebar, select with home (if multiple), go to Manage Shortcuts and select the Shortcut you want.


2. Create and modify your Shortcut within these few parameters:


What do you want this Shortcut to do? 

  • Follow a Schedule: This will set your Mysa to automatically follow your schedule when the action is initiated.
  • Hold: You can hold a specific temperature for an hour or two. With the 'Until you Change it' option, there will be an indefinite hold and as such will ignore the thermostat's schedule. With the 'Decide when Applying' option, you will have the option to decide how long when the action is initiated.
  • Baseboard Mode: This option will allow you to either turn-off heat or leave it on at your chosen temperature. 
  • Setpoint temperature: This is the desired temperature you want the thermostat to go to when this action is initiated.


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