Will Mysa In-Floor work with my heating system?

Mysa for In-Floor is designed to work with all popular in-floor electric heating mats. With user-adjustable floor temperature sensor/probe calibration, Mysa will likely be able to replace your existing in-floor thermostat or work in new installations. If you're adding Mysa to a heating system, please ensure that:

  • Your heating system is electric, and not a water-based heating system
  • Your existing thermostat is a line voltage thermostat I.e., 120V or 240V
  • Your In-Floor heating circuit breaker is no more than 20 Amps 
  • The total load of the heating mat(s) connected to one Mysa is less than 16 Amps or 1900 watts at 120V, 3800 watts at 240V
  • The heating mat and thermostat are installed on a NON-GFCI protected circuit
  • A floor sensor is already installed, or you plan to install Mysa's included floor sensor

You can easily check if you're compatible here. If you like more information about specific installations, please contact the Mysa support team.

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