Icon Number What it means! 
1 This is the menu tab for the entire App
2 You can select your shortcuts here; Home, Vacation, and Away

This is the heater status icon, from here you will see 3 options:

A. Network Disconnect - when this icon appears Mysa has lost connection to the internet, Mysa will continue to control the heat at the current schedule or set point but will be inaccessible via the Mysa App.

This can be repaired by clicking here.

B. Flame Icon - This indicates the current use of the heater and will indicate 1-3 flames based on the amount of energy being used.

C. GFCI Trip - when the lightning bolt icon is shown your Mysa In-Floor GFCI has tripped, this can be corrected by selecting the reset button on the Mysa In-Floor.

4 You can access individual thermostat settings.
5 The current ambient room temperature.
6 The current room humidity
7 The status of your heater. More details here
8 This is your set point temperature
9 Here, you make manual adjustments to your set point temperature
10 You can create a schedule for your heater here.
11 This is the energy chart that shows your energy consumption, humidity, ambient, and set point temperature.
12 You can access all your account information here: email, password reset, location, logout. You can change the default temperature format (Celcius or Fahrenheit) of your thermostat here. 
13 You can group thermostats and create a Home, and manage all your homes here. 
14 This is where you add a thermostat
15 You can group thermostats and control them as a team with one command and schedule. (Note: If you have just one thermostat, this option will not show)
16 You can create a customized schedule based on your personal needs, or you can select a standard Energy Star schedule for your work-week
 17  This is a link to get access to our helpdesk, fix connectivity issues, a step-by-step installation guide, and a point of access to customer support.
18 This connects you to the Mysa store for more purchases
19 Your App version is displayed here
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