What do the App Icons Mean?



App Icon Number What the App Icon means


The side menu tab for the entire App.

Select your shortcuts; Away, Home, and Vacation.

3 ZIP or Postal code for regional benefits: Rebates, App Features, and etc.
4a A white tile indicates the device is working properly and the icon in the top corner shows which mode the device is currently in. 
4b A grey tile with a red network disconnect icon indicates that the device has lost connection to your network. Re-pair your device by clicking here.
4c A grey tile with a red lighting bolt indicates a GFCI trip (H3 Error), this can be corrected by pressing the reset button on the thermostat. (In-floor only)
5 Access your Mysa thermostat settings.

The current ambient room temperature.


The current room humidity.


The status of your heater. More details here.


The set point temperature of your Mysa. 

10 Access the other modes of your Mysa. 

Manual adjustments to your set point temperature.


Create a schedule for your Mysa.

13 Energy usage shows your energy consumption, humidity, ambient, and set point temperature on a daily, weekly, and monthly chart. 
14 Access all your account information here: email, password reset, location, temperature format, and logout.

Create a Home for grouping and managing all of your Mysas. 


Adding and pairing a new Mysa device to your app.


Create a Zone to control multiple Mysas at once.

18 Create a schedule to optimize comfort and reduce energy.
19 Whole Home Energy charts your daily, weekly, and monthly energy usage. 
20 Installation and Support, includes: Help, Wifi Issues, Install, and Reporting Issues. 
21 Viewing your Apple HomeKit Home.
22 An external link to "Get More Mysas". 
23 The current app version of the Mysa App.


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