Creating and Managing Away, Vacation, or Timed Shortcuts

Away, Vacation, or Timed Shortcuts

Headed out for a specific time period? Maybe a work trip or just that much-needed vacation?

Why not have your thermostat help you save, and come home to a nice comfy house? With timed shortcuts, you can!

To set this up you simply need to follow the instructions below:

1. Navigate to your Mysa home shortcuts 


2. Create your Shortcut for a time period

  • What do you want this Shortcut to do
    • Hold
  • At what temperature
    • Select the temperature to maintain while away
    • or turn off completely
  • How long the hold will be effective for
    • Decide date/time when applying


3. How to apply my Vacation Shortcut

The easiest way to manually implement a Shortcut is to simply select the three dots in the top corner of the Mysa App, you can then select the vacation shortcut and select the date/time from the bar menu as shown below:

Shortcuts can also be automated from the geofencing section! This can help you to automate your savings even further by adjusting the temperature within your home each time you leave, without the need to manually navigate to the App and set this!

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