How does Mysa determine temperature?

Without getting too technical, Mysa has been tested in a variety of different conditions. Mysa then created a number of algorithms and utilized machine learning to determine an exact temperature based on the current passing through the unit, room temperature, and humidity in order to display the most accurate temperature possible to you!

This allows Mysa to:

  • Measure the room temperature within +/- 0.4 F/0.1 ℃. 
  • Maintain the room temperature within +/- 1F/0.5 ℃ of the setpoint temperature. 

Note: When using an external room temperature sensor to measure the room temperature, don't lay it on top of Mysa. This is because Mysa vents out air through the top of the unit, and this can severely impact the ability of the temperature sensor to measure the temperature correctly.

The room temperature on Mysa seems wrong. Why is that?

Due to the complexity of calculating temperature, everything from where Mysa is mounted to the type of wall material can affect the temperature displayed on Mysa.

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