Energy Charting

Watch your savings grow, in real-time!

Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Oh my!

With Mysa Energy Chart you are able to enter your exact electricity rate and our app will automatically calculate and show your exact cost of running your heater!

This is possible based on Mysa knowing the exact amount of electricity being sent to the heater when it turns on. Additionally, the chart will help to show you the exact reason your heat may be turned on to help you find additional savings!

To set up Energy Charting please follow the steps below:

Select your thermostat


Navigate to the Energy Chart


Within the energy chart, you will be able to see the daily, weekly, and monthly usage of your thermostat. If you have not added an electricity rate you will simply see the Set Point and Actual Temperature lines.



Setup or Adjust Electricity Rate

To set an electricity rate select the Gear icon from within the Energy Chart


From here you will be able to select the energy rate and select the voltage of your heater.

Simply input your kW/hour rate and voltage. The app will then begin to automatically calculate this based on the power Mysa passes to the heater.


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