Help, My Mysa is rapid cycling!

If you have selected Fan Forced as your heating type Mysa will default to the Short cycling option. This can be changed to extend the cycling time and avoid the rapid cycling you are experiencing by navigating to the settings of the thermostat. From here you will have the option to select the Long option!

Additionally, you could select Radiant Heat mode which will only activate the heater when the set temperature falls by 0.5° C (1° F)

Fan Forced- This type is recommended for Mysa's controlling electric fan forced heaters or toe kick heaters. The below table explains the difference in the fan forced cycle types.

Option          Period Length        Min On Time             Max Off Time        Max Cycles Per Hour

Short              3 Minutes              45 Seconds               45 Seconds           20 On  +  20 Off 
Medium          4 Minutes              60 Seconds               60 Seconds            15 On  + 15 Off 
Long               6 Minutes              90 Seconds               90 Seconds            10 On  +  10 Off 





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