Multi-Home Setup Guide

With the latest Mysa app update we have introduced a number of improvements and features.

One feature we think that is very important is Multi-Home. With this change we are giving you the user, a better way to further group buildings, at a Home level.

This now becomes the highest level of grouping, and gives you better customization to create and manage separate schedules, zones, geo-fencing, and shared access for each individual home!

A quick guide to Multi-Home

  1. How do I create a home?
  2. How do I edit a home?
  3. How do I delete a home?
  4. How many homes can I have?
  5. What happens if I delete a thermostat from a home?
  6. What if shared user deletes a device?

As you can see below we have added a new section for your homes titled Manage Homes - here you are able to create any additional homes you wish or access the settings of the home.


Furthermore, we have moved Shared Access, Shortcuts, and Geofencing directly into the Homes settings allowing you to have a variety of differences between each location!


                    Before                                               New Update

IMG_0590.PNG IMG_0693.PNG

How to create a new home

Creating a new home is as simple as:

  1. Open the Menu and select Manage Homes
  2. Click Create new home
  3. Name the home 
  4. Choose which setting to setup now or wait until later



How to adjust a home's settings

At anytime you are able to navigate to Manage Homes and review the current settings of the Home.

Simply select the setting you wish to change and update the settings:

  1. Home Name
    • You can rename your home at anytime!
  2. Share Access
  3. Geofencing
  4. Shortcuts
  5. Primary Home
    • Setting the Primary Home determines the Home and devices that show up within the Mysa App when launched.
  6. Add Thermostat
    • This will bring you through connecting a device to the Mysa app (Begins on step 5)
  7. Remove Home

    • If at any point you wish to delete a Home you can do so from here 
    • Warning: This will delete any thermostats within that home, requiring you to re-pair them.


Maximum number of homes

The Mysa app allows you to add a maximum of 10 homes.

What happens if I delete a thermostat from my home?

If you as the homeowner delete a thermostat from your home the device will be removed for yourself, and anyone who has access to the house in question.

What happens if a shared user deletes a thermostat from my home? 

If a shared user chooses to delete a thermostat from their account, this will only be removed under their unique login - as the homeowner, you will not lose access to control of this device!

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