Can I use Mysa without WiFi?

The Mysa unit itself can function without a WiFi connection; however, the Mysa App will be unable to establish a connection with the unit. This means that any remote connection will not work with the unit, including any manual adjustments made via the App, such as heat control, schedules, geofencing, and other features.


Manual Control

  • Mysa can be adjusted manually by pressing the Up or Down arrow on the display to increase or decrease the temperature.

  • Mysa will display the ambient/room temperature at all times.

  • When manually adjusting the temperature, the setpoint will display, allowing you to set your ideal climate for the room.

  • Change the Temperature display from C to F

    • Remove Faceplate or Hold down until the thermostat displays RT. once RT is shown, stop holding.

    • Hold the down arrow while the thermostat boots up (shows the smiley)

    • Click the up (or down) arrow until you see “CF” on the thermostat.

    • When you see “CF” press and hold the up and down arrows.

    • You will see the thermostat change to Fahrenheit (an F will come up on the thermostat)

    • Once set up, press the up (or down) arrow until you see “EX.” This is to save and exit the settings menu.

    • Hold the up and down arrows to exit.

    • The thermostat should now be in Fahrenheit and will remain that way unless changed back either through the same process or through the App.

If you are experience connectivity issues with you Mysa click here!

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