Setting Up / Managing Shortcuts


Shortcuts give you the ability to set your thermostats to behave differently based on three separate options:

  1. Away
  2. Home
  3. Vacation

These items can quickly be activated from the homepage of your Mysa App or can automatically be activated with the Mysa Geofence feature.

To edit or adjust a Shortcut simply navigate to Manage Mysa Homes, select the home you wish to adjust, and select the Shortcuts section.



Select the shortcut you wish to adjust.

Image_from_iOS__1_.png   IMG_0644.PNG

From within the shortcut you can begin by selecting What the shortcut does this can be:

  • Setpoint
    • Selecting Setpoint will give you the option to set the desired temperature which the thermostat will go to when this action is initiated.
  • Follow a schedule
    • Selecting Follow Schedule will set the Mysa to automatically follow the schedule when the action is initiated.
  • Hold
    • Selecting Hold will allow you to hold a specific temperature for:
      • 1 Hour
      • 2 Hours
      • Until you Change it
        • This option acts as an indefinite hold and as such will ignore the thermostat's schedule.
      • Decide when Applying
        • With this option, you will have the option to decide how long when the action is initiated.


Once you have adjusted the shortcut to your liking simply select Save to update your shortcuts.

Warning: Adjusting a shortcut will change this for all shared users, and override existing shortcuts being utilized within the Mysa app.

Saving shortcuts will not Activate the shortcut here! To do this you will need to navigate to your home screen, select the two squares in the top right corner and select the Shortcut you wish to activate!



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