A new way to share Mysa!

Shared Access is an update to the Mysa Mobile App that gives you the power to share access to all your Mysa thermostats to family, friends, or anyone you wish!

Maybe you want to give your children the ability to change their room temperature? Or perhaps have a basement apartment? With Shared Access you can grant them access to select Mysa's!

To give someone shared access simply follow the steps below:

What settings can shared users change?

Users that you choose to share access with have the ability to adjust the following settings for the devices shared with them:

  • Schedule(s)
  • Brightness
  • Max/Min Temp
  • Device Brightness

Quick Guide:

  1. Navigate to Shared Users
  2. Who is Currently a Shared User?
  3. Update Shared User Access
  4. Add a new Shared User
  5. Remove a Shared User


Navigate to Shared Users (Access)

Begin by opening the Feature Tray (3 lines in the top left of the home screen), and select Manage Mysa Homes, followed by Share Access


Current Users

After selecting Shared Access you will arrive at the Shared Access page.

From here you can see all current individuals that you are sharing your Mysa thermostats with.


Update Shared User Access

Added new thermostats after already sharing access? Maybe giving your children access wasn't the best idea? No worries! You can change users' access anytime.

To do this simply start by selecting the user you wish to adjust the sharing for.

You will then see a list of all the thermostats they currently have access to, filled in Purple.

From here you can either tap to grant them access to new thermostats or remove them. Units with access will be filled purple and units without access will be left white. (As seen in the example below)

Access to Living Room Granted                                  Access to Living Room Revoked

IMG_0611.PNG               IMG_0612.PNG

When you have completed updating the user's selection select Update Share, a loading image will appear briefly followed by a confirmation the device has successfully updated the shared user.


Add New User

To add a new user to your shared access, navigate to Share Access, and select Add a Share.

To complete adding a share follow the steps below:


Select Next to accept that Shared Access Users will have the ability to View, Control, or Add the Mysas on the shared account. This does include sharing with others.


Enter a Name and E-mail for the individual you are sharing access with.


Select the Mysa's you would like to grant the user access to

  1. Select the box to give them access to all Mysa's on your account
  2. Select each individual thermostat to give them access to specific units

Hit Next to proceed


You will receive a notification stating Success! An E-Mail has been sent to NAME.

User Acceptance

After sending an invite to Share Access an E-Mail will be sent to the user.

  • If the user does not have a Mysa account they will be given an E-Mail and temporary password.
  • If an account does exist they will receive an additional notification directly in the Mysa App.

The user simply has to follow the steps and they are granted access to the shared thermostats.




You can check the status, update shared thermostats, and cancel user access while waiting for the user to accept.

To view this simply navigate to the Shared Access section, you will now see all the shares with any outstanding shares showing a Pending status.


Selecting a Pending Share will give you access to:

  1. Delete Invite
    • Selecting this option will stop this user from ever gaining shared access
  2. Update Share 
  3. Resend Invite
    • If the user has not received an invite or accidentally deletes their email you can resend it from here.



Remove Shared User 

In the case that you are looking to remove a user, the directions are as simple as:

  • Navigating to Shared Access (Users)
  • Selecting the user you wish to remove
  • And tapping Remove Access

IMG_0590.PNG IMG_0611.PNGIMG_0613.PNG

Simply confirm your selection and you will have removed the user from Shared Access!

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