How do I setup geofencing?

Automate your savings!

With Geo-fencing and Mysa you can now automate how your home's heat works, based on being home or heading out! If this sounds like something you'd like, then Geofencing is for you!

To setup a geofence simply follow the steps below:

Quick Guide:

  1. What happens if I have multiple people in my household?
  2. Can I see how many people are inside or outside of the geofence?
  3. Navigate to Geofence
  4. Setup Geofence
  5. Update Geofence
  6. How do I join an existing geofence?
  7. Mysa did not automatically detect I left/Entered the geofence can I manually do this?
  8. How do I delete a Geofence

 Multiple individuals in one household

Will Mysa be able to detect if there are multiple people in a house and not cool down for the people left inside?

Yes! As long as you Share Access with all those in your household Mysa automatically will detect each user entering and exiting the geofence radius. Your thermostats will not activate the exit action until all phones have exited the geofence and will activate the Entry action once the first phone enters!

View how many people are inside or outside your geofence

You can navigate to your existing geofence at anytime and check the status of all shared users. This can help you determine why the geofence may or may not be changing the status based on the users who have Entered or Exited.

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Navigate to Geofencing

Begin by opening the Feature Tray (3 lines in the top left), select Manage Mysa Homes, select your home, and geofencing


Setting up Geofencing

Proceed through the getting started steps and be sure to 'Always Allow' location as Mysa needs this to send location updates from your App to the Thermostat.


Select Setup Geofence to create a geofence for your home and the Mysa within


To set your location within the app you can:

  1. Ensure that the Pin is in the correct location as close to your Mysa as possible.
    • You can drag and drop the pin if it is not in the correct area
  2. Additionally, you can adjust the boundary (radius) for entering and exiting your location
    • Currently, 150M is the recommended boundary. Exceeding this may result in the geofence not working correctly.


After setting your location you will be asked to set what action you would like Mysa to take when entering the geofence.

This is based on existing shortcuts within the Mysa App (see Shortcuts) these include:

  • Home
  • Aways
  • Vacation

Additionally, you can select to customize your shortcuts directly from this section.

To select the action click 'No Action' and select the applicable shortcut.

Image_from_iOS__3_.png .                      IMG_0647.PNG       

After selecting the Entry Action you will be prompted to select the Exit Action like the option before simply select the 'No Action' button and select the action you wish Mysa to perform when you leave your location. 

IMG_0643.PNG .                      IMG_0648.PNG

You will now receive a summary screen with all the setting you have selected. From here you can also choose to receive a push notification to your phone each time a geofence action is initiated.

To complete the process simply select Save at the top!


Customize Shortcuts

To do this select Customize Shortcuts, select the shortcut you wish to adjust, and change the settings accordingly. (see Shortcuts)


Updating a geofence

If at any point in time you wish to adjust the settings of your geofence you simply navigate to the Geofence section, and select the item you wish to adjust whether it is the Location / Boundary or your Enter/ Exit Actions.

Image_from_iOS__8_.png                                       img_0651.png

Joining an existing geofence

If you have been invited to share access to Mysa you also have the ability to join an existing geofence that may have been created for the shared location. This will help to ensure that the thermostats within the building do not try cooling or heating additionally while you are still in the building.

To join an existing geofence navigate to geofence section, from here you will see the current geofence settings with the ability to 'Join' the geofence!


COMING SOON Manually Updating Home or Away

In the case that Mysa loses communication at any point and does not correctly update an Entry or Exit of the boundary you can manually adjust this within the app.

To do so navigate to Geofencing, select Status

  • Select Leave to override Mysa to mark you as outside the boundary
  • Select Enter to override Mysa to mark you inside the boundary


Deleting a geofence

In the case you are no longer wishing to use a geofence you can easily delete one by following the steps below.

  1. Navigate to Geofencing
  2. Select the 'Trash Can' icon in the top right
  3. Accept by selecting Delete on the pop up

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